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About Us

Pars-Karen Trade Management Company was formed on May 10, 2011. The scope activities of this company is export-import, hold a conference, seminar, business meeting, sending trade delegates to target countries. Currently, the company operates dynamically in Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, and offers any commercial activity as a consultant to the reciprocal companies.



1. Sending a delegation from Volgograd, Russia to Iran to visit the cooperative room with cooperative companies

2. Sending the Board from Kirov Oblast to export timber to Iran

3. Dispatch the Iranian leather and shoes board to the MosShoes exhibition in Iran

4. Exclusive agent of MosShoes exhibition in Iran

5. Dispatch the trade delegation to the Jinn Jiang of China Exhibition with the permission of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Tehran

6. Holding of B2B meeting for Iranian transportation companies and a Russian company in the Organization of Industry, Mine and Trade of Tehran Province 7.Inauguration of the central office in Russia with the coordination and visit of the business advisor of Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Moscow

8. Full coordination with the Organization of Development and Trade of the Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Tehran, Chamber of Cooperatives and the Ministry of cooperation, Work and Social Welfare.

9. Dispatch of the Board of the Garments union to Russia

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